What is core capacity of processor

what is diffrent between core 2 duo and dual core
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  1. BigMack70 said:
    Not sure what you're asking...

    Core 2 duo CPUs are a specific lineup of dual core processors
    "dual core" could describe a vast range of CPUs... everything from the old Pentium D series to modern Core i3 Sandy Bridge processors.

    There are also "dual-core" marketed CPUs based on "core 2 duo", but those are low-performance parts (think Celerons)

    In other words, "dual-core" is a description (2 cores, can be used for all CPUs, wether Intel or AMD), while "core 2 duo" is a name (product name, used only by Intel).

    All Core2duos are dual-core, but not all dual-cores are core2duo.
  2. I think there is something going on around here, this is like the 10th post I've read today where there is a total lack of sense made at all.
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