Z77 extreme 4 onboard video problem

I just assembled a new build with asrock extreme 4 z77.

I installed windows 8 with no video card and only the onboard video. The machine had issues shutting down and I reset CMOS. At this point, I was getting d7 error. After attempting to connect VGA and dvi connections, the d7 error continued.

I had an older video card laying around that I hooked up and was able to get up and running. Any idea what could be wrong with the onboard connections?

The CPU is i5 3570k.
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  1. d7 error < it's looking for a keyboard and a mouse
  2. Sorry meant D6
  3. Did you disable the onboard vga in the bios before the gpu install?
  4. I didn't disable it. I even reset CMOS multiple times. I actually went into UEFI to check if it was enabled, but was surprised in not seeing it anywhere. Where is that setting located? Thanks!
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