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Last night my computer restarted and after XP loads, I get "Input not Supported". After a while of messing with it, I uninstalled the drivers in Safe Mode and was able to boot fine. I installed the latest drivers and it works again. However, my native resolution isn't available, nor when I try to "List all modes".

I had this issue last year when I tried updating my drivers and it took away my native, so I put my old ones back on and it worked. I tried that today but no luck. I also installed the drivers to my monitor.

I have a 9800GT and Acer AL1916W, running VGA from monitor to DVI adapter into the video card.

Any ideas? When I try to add a "custom resolution" in the Nvidia control panel, the 1440x900 resolution looks really goofy.
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  1. Hello... the Max supported resolution of your monitor 1440x900@75HZ in ANALOG... correct? well... from my experience I have alway run monitors with success at 60HZ... Try changing that... also there is no driver for your Monitor... it is a passive device... your disk just gives naming details and should fill in the Resolution data... I have never had good results with a analog monitor above 60HZ... but also I have never run a monitor at 1440x900... also you should be set at 32 bit color.

    Also you should go to Control Panel-NVidia control panel-Change resolution... there is where you will have control of your video card output and any information about your monitor reporting to your Video card/NVidia software for your card.
  2. Oops, I should have mentioned that. I'm trying to get back to 1440x900, 60Hz is what I ran. After a BSOD last night, I was unable to get back to my desktop so I ran it in safe mode and uninstalled the video driver and it worked.

    I installed the latest driver and it worked, but my native resolution wasn't there. I tried about 3 previous versions and still the same thing.

    I had this issue last year where I couldn't update my graphics driver or it wouldn't show my native resolution as an option. I had to revert back to the one I was using (186.18 Nvidia) and it finally appeared.

    So this time, after testing out some of the newest ones in the past year, I went back to 186.18 and for some reason, it is still missing.
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    Hello... seems there are some older Forum Talk about your very same problem, and past solutions to get your resolution...

    Did this Google search... "1440x900 nvidia" talks about getting in to the "ADVANCED" custom settings of the Nvidia control panel.
  4. Thanks! I haven't actually tested this, but this looks reliable. Like I mentioned, I did the "custom resolution" part, but didn't change my timing standard to DMT (it was on Auto instead) - so I'm assuming that is the fix to the distortion.

    I don't mean to appear as though I didn't do my research. I did (obviously not well enough :p), and found SEVERAL people experiencing similar problems with this specific monitor.

    I may end up trying this later with the latest driver. I [temporarily] fixed it by finding an even OLDER driver than the OLD one I was already using that worked prior to the other night..
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