Installed new gpu ati 6870 and still have low FPS


Recently I replaced my Ati 4870 for an XFX ATI Radeon 6870 and when i play games like Cod:Black Ops or GTA4 i still have low fps like drops sometimes to 9 or so!

So its kind of a bummer since i really expected to be a nice improvement.

Speccs of the rest of my pc:

Mobo: MSI P45 Neo-F
4gig ram (ddr2)
CPU: Q6600 (2,4GhZ)
Antec 900 case
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  1. Try to get your CPU to 3.0ghz, as long as your current temps are good, that should give you a boost to FPS. What power supply are you using?
  2. Well i have zero knowledge about OC'ing last time i tried to change the FSB or sometimes 9x333mhz and then my PC wouldnt boot anymore and i had to reset it back to 2.4ghz

    I am using Coolermaster 620W PSU.
  3. GTA4, from what I've read, is a horribly optimized game and only runs decently on a very high-end system (similar to Crysis). If you're running win7, black ops runs very bad on it. Back when I was using XP, I got 85-90fps always on my old gtx 285, and when I played BO on win7, I was getting sometimes 40-50fps dips. Basically, both games run terrible and are horribly optimized.
  4. As gmcizzle said, GTA IV is no parameter for testing your hardware. It's indeed awefully optimized, and bears heavily on the CPU and RAM, not the GPU.
  5. I am running Windows Vista 64 bit but when i had the 4780 it ran much smoother than now...kinda weird :S
  6. i agree with them those arn't the best games to see how well performance is improved, but for starters have you installed the latest drivers from amd
  7. Yes i did that ofcourse
  8. If you can swing it a used Q9500 or Q9550 and upgrading to Win7 64bit would improve things quite a bit. Vista is not well supported in games anymore and the Q6600 is an ok quad but your motherboard will support the faster 9500/9550. I have not had any issues with Black Ops on my Win 7 machine so im not sure what the other poster was referring to. The reality of it is your running an older set up and even though the 6870 is an improvement on the 4870 you're still likely to be meeting minimum spec's on most games with your current computer. Like others said GTA4 is a demanding title for an old game and it was never really optimized by Rockstar.

    Probably the best way to get better speed is to dial down the in game graphics settings to medium and adjust up or down from there to get the best performance. Also make sure the graphics settings in the ATi control panel are set to "use application" settings so your not forcing higher setting than you think you're using.
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