Cases with dust filters built in?

I'm looking for a case with dust filters built in, so I don't have to fit anything myself. I've been looking at reviews but either no cases have dust filters or reviewers don't think it's important enough to mention (but they'll yak about those stupid led lights).

It shouldn't have a PSU, but I'm assuming most good cases don't.

Ideally, the case would have standard fan sizes so fans can be changed. Cooling efficiency is not the most important, but I want something that can be made quiet and dust free.

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  1. Hi :)

    A LOT of cases have dust filters.....just look harder...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. The antec 1200 does.
  3. I got a Rosewill Challenger case on a Daily deal at Newegg for $39 and it has fan filters. BUT! I wouldn't wish that case on anyone. I can't get the front bezel off, getting the single slot front panel mesh screens has to be done from the inside and it doesn't cool worth a damn! My Antec 300 was 10C cooler even at idle.
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    Antec 300 & 300-2 have front dust filters on the front bezel. But none for each of the side fans (optional).

    Antec P280 has front filters too, and a bottom mount PSU filter. No top filters, but my fans blow out.

    Cooler Master Cosmos II has front filters, no side or top filters, but a bottom PSU filter.
  5. The Silverstone Raven 3 has filters on the front and bottom the bottom ones are held on magnetically for easy removal/cleaning. And, it comes with 2 180mm fans and space for up to 6 x 120s
  6. Every Antec case I have ever used has built in filters. They are also very well built. You don't list a budget or what you are using it for so it's hard to recommend a specific model.

    The 300 Illusion comes with all the fans you need and they like all preinstalled Antec case fans are multispeed and almost silent on low. Great case for $70.

    Here is their full lineup.
  7. I just got this case and like it... no led's and has dust filters.
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