My new build computer wont boot

So, I just assembled my new PC. The mobo is the mpower z77. Further specs: i7 3770k, gtx 690 and the cooler is the silver arrow sb-e.

When I press the power button the CPU fans start spinning and quickly stop. The only light shining on the mobo is the power button and sometimes cl cmos.

I tried cleaning the cmos. Without succes.

Maby I'm missing something obvious?
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  1. Yup missed something obvious. You skipped right over the sticky
  2. Ok. It seems like none of these work. Everything is connected properly. And even though when I turn the power on the only thing that lights up is the power button.

    When I press it nothing happens. Even the fans are no longer moving. There is no post beep from the speaker. I'm lost.
  3. Ok. I took everything out and I think I discovered the problem. My 24 pin connector wasn't fully secured. So only some LEDs light up. When I hold it in a specific way I manage to make all the LEDs light and fans spin. Still no post beep tough.

    The 24 pin connector is insanely hard to connect. I have a seasonic 1000W platinum. I managed to push it 2/3 of the way but the secure on the right side of the socket still doesn't clip in.

    And yes I'm connecting it the right way.

    I am afraid of damaging the motherboard with using any more force.
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