Why does my computer have 100 percent cpu

Hello, my computer jumps to 100% cpu when I do just about anything.Seems like there is a lot of crap that wants to load anytime I click on anything
My computer is about ten years old.Also I've ran
different scans and they indicate tons of problems.
A bunch of items that need to be removed.Do you think cleaning would solve some of the problems? 1.79 ghz processor and 1 gb ram.
Thank You,Chris
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  1. yes removing a bunch of items will speed up your computer
    the more applications you have running the more RAM your system requires
    i would suggest going to start control panel and start uinstalling program you are not using
  2. Advanced systemcare 5 from IObit is free and remove alot of junk and fix your computer allso :)
  3. Thanks Alvine,I've removed all the programs that I can.I've noticed on the task manager that most browsers pull anywhere from 50-85% and the plug-in
    container exe. hogs to much as well.It seems to be mainly those two.If I go
    to a flash site it hangs or crashes.
  4. Hi :)

    Sorry to be blunt but its OLD and SLOW...

    Time to upgrade, you will be totally amazed how fast a modern computer is...

    All the best Brett :)
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