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Hello guys,

My little cousin has a PC that cant run new games like NFS Shift 2. I want to upgrade his PC, but really I want to spend as low money as possible. Now, his PC uncludes:

Motherboard: Intel DP965LT
CPU: Intel E2180
GPU: ATI radeon x1600XT
RAM: 3 GB Kingstone Hyper X 800 Mhz

I think, little upgrade of a graphic card is necessary, because 512 MB is required. Do you think that CPU cannot handle it? Please give me some advise, give me exact models of GPU and if necessary CPU to build system just enough to play modern games on low details. Thank you very much.

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  1. ATi HD 6670, go with it you'll be able to play such games at medium settings just fine.
  2. Need to know what power supply you have also.

    You also may need to upgrade the CPU but just a video card upgrade should help a bunch, try just that first.
  3. I have LC Power 550 WATT. Bought just a year ago.
  4. Jani88 said:
    I have LC Power 550 WATT. Bought just a year ago.

    That should run a 5770/6700.
  5. even a 6850/70
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