Final draft of my first build, thoughts?

Hi guys,
I want a gaming build at 720p res (currently) and a future upgrade to better monitor(s) with a gen 3 graphics card
the games i want to play currently and sc2, bf3 and skyrim
shopping on tiger as they have free over seas shipping

these are my links

kb and mouse combo

gpu 560 ti games included

ssd crucial m4 (only needs ~4 games and os)

cpu cooler noctua

80 plus bronze psu ocz (looking to overclock and buy aftermarket case fans in future)



MSI z68 gen3

corsair 8gb

total amount$

budget possibly up to $1500 but would like to keep as cheap as possible especially gfx card which will be upgraded with monitors (eg don't need a gtx 580 because by the time i need upgrade pcie 3.0 cards will be out)

apologies if links don't work. won't be able to fix for 4 hours if they don't
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  1. The Noctua is a very quiet cooler. It's overkill because your GPU fans will drown it out.

    Better to save yourself some money and get a Cooler Master Hyper212+ or such.

    Your list lacks an OS, DVD drive, and HDD
  2. HAF-X is a great case I love the blue version and all your other parts look good as well

    To save a couple dollars you could lower the case down and change the CPU cooler to a Hyper 212+ or Hyper 212 EVO which will do the job perfectly fine as well

    If you dont have these parts laying around go for:
    Any $20 DVD drive will do unless you want blu-ray
    For HDD go with a Seagate Barracuda or Samsung Spinpoint F3
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