Corsair CX430 V2 vs OCZ ZS Series 550W

Hey all, I'm looking to upgrade an old OEM XP machine with new components, my current PSU is a meager 250w but ti runs everything fine. But I'm looking to power a new Galaxy GTS250 1GB and @GB of 800 mhz DDR2 ram. As you can see I'm going budget and would like to know which PSU to get this: or this: Both are jonnyguru reccomended, I get the CX430 for 17 and the OCZ ZS for 23. I do plan on overclocking my GTS250 as I can afford to due to the rest of my system being low power. Also which one would typically cool better as my cooling is not very good in this case although its never gotten hot as far as I can tell, I'm worried about the GTS250 running too hot. One of final thing will these PSUs fit in my case its roughly 7"(W) x 15"(H) x 16"(L). I believe that my case is fairly empty with all OEM components except the GTS250 and a hardrive.
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  1. I recommend the Corsair for 2 reasons. They have a better reputation than OCZ currently for PSUs. Second, it is Silver 80 certified over Bronze 80 on the OCZ so it's more efficient.
  2. Please any more help or reasons, plus I don't believe the cx430 is silver 80 plus to my knowledge(not 100%) and the cx430 has 28A on +12v rail while ocz has 38A on+12v rail, I'm still not sure, may still go Corsair due to superior quality but OCZ's has 110w more power. Plus both come with an outstanding 3year warranty
  3. Nevermind, I was incorrect, the Corsair is only 80 Plus, NOT Silver.

    I'd still take the Corsair. If you are worried about the 28A on the +12, why is it in the running? If you're planning on getting a better video card down the road, it might be better for the OCZ, since most newer cards require 450W+, but if it's JUST for the GTS250, you don't need an extra 110W.
  4. Anandtech has an article on the OCZ 550 ve. the Corsair 550 ( and rates the Corsair ahead of the OCZ, but not by much. I recommend the OCZ 550 over the Corsair 430.
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