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Hi I am wanting to upgrade my dell inspirons cpu, at the moment its intel t3400. I read somewhere else most intel P socket processors will work with my laptop except the extreme editions. I settled on intel core 2 duo P8800. i tried to find out if this was actually compatible and found there may be some issues with BIOS compatibility. How do I find out which processors are compatible with my BIOS?

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  1. There is quite a bit of controversy about this (I used to own a 1545). Some people say 2.53GHz is top speed. Some say 35W or lower. Some say any socket P.

    From my experience, I put a T9550 in mine (2.66GHz) and had not even a hiccup on the A14 BIOS. I couldn't find anything Dell supported that lists what CPUs BIOS support was used for. I do know the P8700 was the 'fastest' CPU Dell put in them stock.

    I know it's rather vague, but so is Dell!! :) Intel shows that the P8800 is compatible on the GM45 chipset here under Compatible Products:


    But yet again, it comes down to 'Did Dell BIOS support it?'

    The T9550 is the same as the P8800 speedwise (with 6M cache instead of 3M) and I can vouch that it does work in a 1545. Otherwise it's a put the P8800 in and cross fingers...

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  2. thanks thats the main problem I've been having dell doesn't seem to give a definitive answer anywhere. I think I will as you say ''put the P8800 in and cross fingers''
  3. Let me know how it goes (I'm guessing it will boot fine, if it was a quad core or extreme CPU, I'd say doubt it, but am confident on bootability). Don't forget thermal paste :)
  4. Ok the wife has the 1545 I will most likely upgrade the CPU. But that site you posted for the chip specs says it can handle 8 gigs of ram...and even says ddr3. But this laptop has ddr2. But dell is saying it will only hold 4 gigs of max ram. What is you take on all this?
  5. Hi Guys, I know i'm a bit late with this reply, but I have one of these 1545 running with an Intel Core 2 Duo t9600 (2.8Ghz) without any problems and its still running the A13 BIOS.
  6. anyone tried the qx9300? it's supposed to work too, but i dont know about the bios. I really wanna try this :)
  7. hi there , i went along with the P8800, it's quite a big leap from my old T6400, here is a detailed description in my blog about it :

    hope it will help
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