Need Video Card, pretty sure

I just bought SC2 and something is not running right on my computer. Graphics are out on loading screens and menus. in game its fine. til i go online then i lag like crazy. im not sure how to pull the specs off my computer. please help.
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  1. Well you can right click on the computer icon on the desktop and than the bottom one. Or download gpuid-z and gpu-z ; they tell you everything you wanne know.
  2. Hi here is a link to CPU-Z, install then run, click on the graphics tab to see GPU info...

    also you should update your graphics driver to whatever is newest...
  3. As robjordy said, "Right Click" on "My Computer".Then click on "Properties".

    Post a screen shot of all that info and we can help you.
  4. GreenDutchAlien said:
    Well you can right click on the computer icon on the desktop and than the bottom one. Or download gpuid-z and gpu-z ; they tell you everything you wanne know.

    ok so im in properties

    processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU @2.40GHz
    display adapter: Radeon X1950 Series

    anything else you would need to know to help me figure this out:/
  5. purple stank said:
    As robjordy said, "Right Click" on "My Computer".Then click on "Properties".

    Post a screen shot of all that info and we can help you.

    Thats the word i was looking for. ( dutch os, so )

    The power from your psu would be nice to know.

    @funguseater, had a doctor look at that eye yet ?
  6. The X1950 is a very slow and outdated GPU.No wonder your having trouble play SC.

    What is your budget for a new GPU?

    What is the make/model of your PSU? How many amps are on the +12/v rail(s)?

    ^To find out that, open up your PC and take a look at the PSU.Somewhere on it their should be a chart that says all the amperages.Post back what you see.
  7. im really lost i downloaded and isntalled that program and im not sure how to post a screenshot on here. and whats a PSU. im sorry im new at this.
  8. PSU=Power Supply

    You don't have to post a screenshot if you don't want to.We already know from what you posted earlier that your running a Core2Duo @2.4ghz.All we need to know now is what PSU you have.
  9. ok so i need to phsyically look inside the PC. 1 sec ill look for it
  10. Hi Bronz , if you are comfortable doing so, you can take the side panel off of your tower, on the power supply there will be a bunch of numbers and a chart... we need to know the max output on 12v, (usually around 300W on pre-built systems like HP,DELL) and how many Amps the 12v can handle...

    You should see the other eye...
  11. Yes you do.
    Just post back what you see on the chart.
  12. ok so im not sure if the chart got removed but there is no chart on my psu. i idetified the psu.. but no chart. sigh.
  13. "You should see the other eye..."

    Don't want to actually, get fixated by this one allready, bloody scary man ! :lol:
  14. Aha, Houston we've got etc.
  15. What's the manufacturer of your pc and the model ?
  16. haha once again. im failing it's a velocity micro im not sure on the model it looks like the raptor tho.xD.

    i bought it back in 2008.
  17. Looking at the x1950 PRO, it required 450W PSU, so I would estimate that you could use anything below a HD6570 (runs off as little as 200W PSU's but states 400W req) without having to upgrade the PSU as well.

    The HD6570 performs a little better than the GTX8800 only far more efficiently. (damn, only half the fill rate of the 1950 tho... hmmm)
  18. well i replaced my old video card that came with it. so that x1950 didnt come with the comp i have my old one still tho if you wanna know what that was.
  19. this computer was made for gaming so im sure the PSU isnt bad
  20. Radeon x850 XT 256MB, is my old one
  21. 6670 ?
  22. If it's really a good psu it could handle a gtx460, anything higher than that and the cpu will bottleneck. ( maybe allready with a 460 ? )
  23. Yeah I would go the 6670 or a 6770 (I game on the 6770 and it performs great even at 1920x1200, not with all the eyecandy of course).

    The 6770 increases your fill rate considerably but could be too much for the PSU...
  24. idk. but i just know i need some sort of new video card. haha. i need cheapest for the SC2 game. but something that will work you know?
  25. ill brb imma gonna turn off my comp to try something
  26. ok i got the PSU chart stupid velocity micro put it inside a casing i had to take off the both sides and the back to find it haha
  27. LOL what was the wattage?

    Well going off of the recommended Hardware for SC2 and having played it on my system I would get the 6770. You will not be disappointed.
  28. 550w is the peak wattage
  29. Yeah for sure go for the 6770!!!!!!!
  30. and thats the nvidia geforce? right?
  31. no wait radeon my b
  32. Yeah Radeon HD6770, The 6790 has more memory bandwidth but costs $30 more and sucks up more power...
  33. One thing to consider... Whenever I add major new hardware to one of my systems I usually take the opportunity to back-up my files and re-install a fresh copy of Windows, then I make sure to install all of the needed support ( Latest AMD Driver, DirectX, PhysX,) just make sure you have the drivers you need for your motherboard first.
  34. ok im looking into it right now trying to get one used but not seeing many.
  35. thank you for all the help
  36. XFX Radeon HD 6770 Graphics adapter - 1 GB - GDDR5 SDRAM

    would that be it or no?
  37. Thats the one... XFX i think has double lifetime guarantee, so be sure to register RIGHT AWAY!!!

    I think there are mail-in discounts around for XFX as well...
  38. ok cool do you know anything bout "powercolor". once again thanks alot
  39. Yeah Powercolor is actually the brand I use, I have a HD5750 and HD6770 in Crossfire. I had no problems with them, Powercolor even emailed me a correct 5750 BIOS after I had a little misadventure and almost turned it into a paperweight.

    I usually buy Powercolor or Saphire when I am building systems for people due to thier low-cost and good support (I have heard of some not so good experiences with XFX support, or lack of, but not personally).
  40. At 2.4 ghz that CPU is going to bottleneck anything over a 5670.Espically in a game like SC2 where it is more CPU dependant.
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