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PNY GTX580 Liquid Cooled...

Hi all, I am wondering if any of you have direct experience with this closed loop GPU. I know it is not as good as building my own loop, but it is just a quick upgrade a client is asking about. I am wondering about the reliability of the seals and if anyone has run into any problems with leakage or crimped tubes, also how about over-clockability, I know it doesn't really need it but the customer is always right... sort of...

Thank you for all replies!

ps. This is specifically about this GPU, so I would really appreciate hearing from any current owners, or system builders who have installed it. Oh and how incredibly loud is the fan?????


pps. All other system specs are more than sufficient for this card. (1000W, 2600k, z68,) Customer does not really NEED this GPU but wants to own one...
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  1. what 1000w psu?
  2. He has a corsair HX1050, pretty recent.
  3. oh nice
  4. OK, thanks for reading, I will check elsewhere...
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    I don't have direct experience with that card, but the reviews are very positive. In fact, out of the box, the PNY Liquid GTX 580 has the highest factory overclock of any GTX 580 on the market. The GPU temperatures are also VERY cool, about 10c-20c cooler than the best air cooled versions. The only issue is that the fan is quiet, but not as quiet as some of the high-end air coolers, like on the Gigabyte cards. You might be able to swap out a different fan, though.

    Nice avatar, fungus.
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  7. Thanks matto, I'll check those out.
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