Msi z77a-g45

im trying o build my second pc, first one went perfectly fine thanks to a member on here . but this one! right the whole thing is together now
msi z77a-g45 motherboard
intel i5 3470
xfx radeon 7850 2gb
430/80 crosair psu
in a commander ms-i snow edition case
problem is when i put in the mother board i put all its little screws in but in that case theres one that is already installed within the case in the middle that looks like a standoff but u cant screw into it leaving just a copper looking thing poking through my motherboard ... is that spposed to be there ? because u cant screw anything on to it to make it touch the little connectors on the motherboard. ill add a pic as my reply .
plus i turn on the pc everything lights up (no beep mind) the fans go(silently) the graphics card fan is going , everything seems fine but no picture when plugged into the monitor/tv not even a 'no signal' message ? ANY HELP welcome :)
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