Asrock extreme 4 not detecting gigabyte 7850

Hi, I've seen a few threads relating to this issue and have tried some suggestions in there, but nothing seems to be working.

i5 3740k
asrock extreme 4 z77
Gigabyte HD 7850 OC

The graphics card worked fine on my old mobo, but when I put it onto my new one it just doesn't recognise it. I can connect my monitor up through the graphics card in the PCIE slot, but it just shows as standard VGA in device manager and GPU-Z.

I've tried updating the BIOS on both the mobo and the graphics card, tried using different PCI express slots, reset CMOS but nothing seems to work.

I presume it's connected properly as it can still run a standard VGA display, but for some reason it does not recognise the HD 7850.

Anyone have any ideas? I dont have a great PSU, but it was working with the same PSU on my last motherboard so I dont really think it's that.
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  1. Uninstall all graphics device drivers (device manager and Programs and Features) and reinstall the latest Catalyst set from AMD here -> .
  2. I take it you're using the on-board graphics right now...
    If so, then you have to go into bios and turn that off and set it to use the pci-e as initial graphics...look at you mobo book...
    After that you just need to install the latest drivers from AMD...
  3. My DVI cable is plugged into the graphics card and I'm getting a display, but it's just showing as a standard VGA display adapter. BIOS graphics is set to PCI-E. I'll try a full driver clear and reinstall.
  4. The latest drivers sorted the problem. Cheers :)
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