CPU for first home theather Build some questions

First i want to build a small home theatre pc for watching tv watching movies and bit of light browsing..

I'm looking for advice on what CPU would be best for my needs.. i won't be using discrete graphics to keep power and head to a min and to keep it quiet.

I've always been an Intel fanboy so to speak but if amd suit my needs better then i'll go for that.

The budget for the entire system is roughly €500...although this is flexible should the right components need a little extra cash..

planning on installing either one DVB-T/S2 combo card or one of each..

question 1)
I was thinking of the Intel i3 2105 or i3 2125 would be enough for my needs but would I be better going with AMD a6 or a8 maybe that's about the same price range..(as i said not too up to date with AMD). and if i wasto choose either would i need anything specific on the motherboard?

Question 2)
I hear that the next gen Intel and Amd processors are out around April. As the build itself is not till mid April would I be better waiting and getting one of these.
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  1. Hi :)

    With no gaming almost anything will do....but with only 500 euros ...you wont be getting much anyway in the way of quality....

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Brett928S2 said:
    Hi :)

    With no gaming almost anything will do....but with only 500 euros ...you wont be getting much anyway in the way of quality....

    All the best Brett :)

    Oh that's 500 for the Motherboard, CPU RAM and Case and PSU.

    I don't need a HDD monitor Mouse keyboard and that's excluding TV card..I hardly see how i can't create a quality machine for that
  3. The 2125 has HD 3000 graphics for better quality output. The Intel design is better than the AMD because of the fact that the IGPU is better integrated. You can do well with an H61/H67 mobo for under $90, the processor for under $140, RAM for under $50 and a good case like one of these: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Productcompare.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=100007583%204026&IsNodeId=1&page=2&bop=And&CompareItemList=7%7C11%2D129%2D042%5E11%2D129%2D042%2DTS%2C11%2D147%2D153%5E11%2D147%2D153%2DTS%2C11%2D108%2D236%5E11%2D108%2D236%2DTS%2C11%2D553%2D003%5E11%2D553%2D003%2DTS%2C11%2D112%2D227%5E11%2D112%2D227%2DTS
  4. If 24p means anything to you then wait for the next gen Intel chips to arrive or go AMD.

    If it doesnt then fell free to buy either processor. Both will meet your needs quite nicely. I have an AMD htpc in the living room, and an intel i3-2105 in the bedroom. neither has any problems playing or recoding videos, music, light games.

    For remotes I use a cheap rosewill media center (from newegg) remote

    but for when I'm using it for pc stuff (web browsing for instance) I use a Lenovo n5902. its backlite so its great at night in the bedroom.

    the only thing I would add is that, unlike the rosewill remote, the lenovo usb dongle does not come with a cable so that you can use a rear usb port and mount the receiver somewhere sensible - so pick up a usb extension cable or something with an extra front panel usb port on it like a card reader
  5. Based on "€500", the OP is in Europe so they follow the PAL standard (25 FPS) for video not NTSC. Therefore, there may not be any stuttering issues.
  6. i forgot to meontion where i was based. this is going into my bedroom so i can watch tv using online streaming and pickup fresat tv channels and DVB-T so i think i'll wait till the release of ivy bridge n see how much they cost

    Cheers for the replies unfortunately being from Ireland newegg is not an option but I'll look elsewhere I have a mouse and keyboard set up already..

    if I need to play 24fps I have a laptop that's well capable of 3D 1080p @ 24fps using Nvidia's 3DTV plug an play.. the main reason behind building this is for the tv tuner card and abilty to stream content and play movies without having the hassle of hookinh my laptop up to the tv and also a little project to keep me amused and busy..
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