Would this all work together?

i know a bit about computers, but i'm sure you guys know more. Just wanted to make sure this will all go together, don't really need opinions about what TO get, just that it will all work without any hickups:

mobo: ASRock P67 EXTREME4 GEN3

vcard: MSI Twin Frozr III Gtx 570

cpu: i5 2500k Sandy Bridge

hsink: Cooler Master hyper 212

ram: Gskill Ripjaws X Series 8GB
or G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 8GB
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  1. You might want to write the name of the pieces. People are more likely to take a glance and give feedback, but having to click through that many links just to get an idea of what you're putting together is cumbersome at best.

    You can use the url= tag to place customized links that give the name and price of an item while still taking them to newegg.

    <url=PLACE URL HERE> Description here </url>
  2. Everything you've listed is fine, just make sure your psu has at least 2x 6pin and your case can support 10.5" cards.
  3. I just wanted to write in to say that the PSU is one of the most important things in any build and you should list what you are considering.


    Crucial has a beautiful RAM selection tool online. You just select your motherboard from the choices and it lists every crucial made RAM stick that is on the QVL. You just choose RAM off the list and its guaranteed to have been tested to work with that board. No fuss and no buying RAM only to find out it hasn't been tested and it doesn't work.

    Crucial is one of the very highest tiers of RAM makers and there is a pretty good chance if you are buying non-crucial RAM that it is RAM that Crucial made but didn't want to put a Crucial sticker on it because it failed their rigorous testing standards. They sell those sticks to other companies and let those companies put their name on it instead. Those other companies tend to have much less strict standards for testing because if they had standards equal to crucial then they wouldn't be able to sell it either.

    Anyway, I would suggest using the crucial online RAM tool. I always use it when I am suggesting RAM for people and when I buy my own RAM.
  4. i have a 850w Corsair, i have no doubt it will be fine. and my case is an Antec Lanboy Air(it's MASSIVE). so i knew there was no issues there.

    And i've used Gskill before. i haven't had any problems with them neither.
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