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Im looking to build a very cheap gaming pc, Gpu is set at a 6770 and the CPU is down to this... Option 1: Intel Pentium G840- 2.8Ghz,with H61 Motherboard Sata 2 and Usb 2, 4gb of DDR3 1333. Or Option 2: Amd Athlon II x4 631 Socket FM1, Sata 3 Usb 3.0 motherboard with 4gb DDR3 1600. So basically its Intel Pentium vs Updated Athlon II. My thoughts is that the Pentium will have a slight amount more FPS is most games, But AMD will win at quad core games, and supports faster RAM. BTW: I dont plan on upgrading until i buy a completely new PC.
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  1. ok thanks.
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