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Hi all,

I have borrowed from a friend of mine a Wireless USB2 Netgear W121 adaptor. He’s lost the CD-ROM with the drivers, but I reckoned that I could easily download the latest drivers from the Netgear web site and I’d be in business.

Problem is I’ve downloaded the drivers – run them and all appears to install fine – including the utility. But when I plug the adaptor into a USB2 port I get my operating system state that it’s found new hardware – but try as I might I get a message that states “the hardware can not be installed because the software for it can not be found” I’ve tried different usb ports and I’ve tried version 1.1 as well as version 2 but all for nothing, the same warning message still appears.
I’ve noticed too that the two light on the adaptor do not illuminate when I plug them in – can I assume that they only light up once the drivers are fully installed.

I have around 6 devices that use USB 1.1 and a couple that use USB 2 but they all work fine. I use a wireless router for my internet so it would be cool to get this running. I have a netgear pci (cable) card in the pc at present but this shouldn’t have a knock on effect should it? It’s just not seeming to like the software I’ve installed.

My OS is Windows xp home Edition sp2, 512 MB of Ram 80 gig HDD.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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  1. Disconnect, then reconnect the USB adaptor. When the message, “the hardware can not be installed because the software for it can not be found” appears, click on it (not the X). I believe the Add Hardware Wizard will start, as a result. Proceed with the Wizard until you are asked about installing the actual driver. You will want the Wizard to allow you to navigate to the actual driver instead of it (the Wizard) trying to find it. Once you have located the driver, complete the entire process. Sometimes, this helps. Let's hope it helps you! :)

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