Which power supply for this motherboard?

Hi, I am going to get this motherboard and I was wondering what kind of power supply connector it took.

I was looking at the specs and I saw that it had both a EATX 24 pin power connector and a8 pin ATX 12V connector. I was wondering if that meant that it needed a 24+8 pin power connector or if it just needs a regular 24 or 20+4 power connector. Thanks for anything that you can tell me.
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    It needs both the 20 + 4 and the 8 pin connectors. All modern PSUs should come with these connectors, but you should spec out your CPU, GPU, HDDs and other components to get good advice on the PSU selection. Rule of thumb is that a single GPU will require 600 while a SLI/Xfire setup will require 800 W+
  2. Whats your build to go along with that motherboard?
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