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hey guys is it safe to have a 50 to 60 gpu temperature?? mine is around 46 degrees..when i overclock my geforce 210 it increases in 55 that safe?? and what is the max degrees??
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  1. Yes it is safe. Even a higher end gpu with a good cooler will reach around 60.
  2. According to Nvidia, the max temp for a geforce 210 is 105c:

    Although I would keep it below 85c to be safe.
  3. good temp stil in safe zone look at the specs on nvidia
  4. ok i overclock my geforce 210 with 1 gb ddr3.. its stock temperature is about 43 to 45 degrees..then i overclock here GPU clock-644 mhz (default clock 589 mhz) ..memory clock-530 mhz (default 500 mhz) shader clock 1427 mhz (default 1402 mhz)....then the temperature goes up to 55 degrees to 65 degrees...ok my question is..(IS IT SAFE TO HAVE THAT TEMPERATURE??) i think that if you force your card to get his max temperature then it get toasted ryt??
  5. Most GPUs are rated to ~100C.

    The GPU will throttle down if these temps are reached to prevent damage.

    If Max Temps are ~60-70C then you should be fine.
  6. oww ok...,then i must increase the core,shader and memory clock to get what im looking for ryt??? :D but not higher than 80C??
  7. what if i have did something wrong in overclocking what would be the damage to it..?? is the processor and graphic card may toasted or what??
  8. You won't go from 55 to 80 unless you increase the voltage, and even then you have a lot of headroom. Keep increasing the core/shader by small increments until you get a crash - that means you need more voltage to run at those higher clocks. You can then choose to increase the voltage or back off the clocks a bit. Always keep an eye on GPU temps when you increase the voltage though.
  9. aww the core voltage cannot be adjust using msi afterburner..even the fan speed controller cannot also be adjust..,i overclock now and i get some artifacts here in my GPUtool render test...and i have 59 degrees for now...
  10. To unlock voltages in MSI Afterburner:

    Click on "Settings">under "General" tab>"Safety Properties">check "Unlock Voltage Control"
  11. hunuok said:
    To unlock voltages in MSI Afterburner:

    Click on "Settings">under "General" tab>"Safety Properties">check "Unlock Voltage Control"

    ok sir i did what you say...but nothings happen...? :cry:
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