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9600GSO 512MB (G94) Performance

So I was not able to pass up the deal on TigerDirect selling the old Nvidia 9600GSO for only $16 with rebates. I decided to buy one for my cousin for Christmas and throw in a CM PSU (500W). I was just wondering if this would be much of a performance increase over his dismal Radeon 5450 that came with his HP computer. There will be no worry of CPU bottle-necking either, since he has an AMD 945 running at about 3.2 or something like that. He plays quite alot of LoL (League of Legends) and also some random MMo games such as Forsaken World every now and then. He will also OCCASIONALLY pick up a game of SC2. I would prefer to not have other recommendations on GPU's since I have already bought the card and the PSU, I know for the price of under $100 the Radeon 5670 is one of the best out there, but for $16, I couldn't pass it up.

I guess what I'm asking is how much of a performance increase he will see over the Radeon 5450 with this 9600GSO

And here's the PSU, which I am sure will support the GPU with 32A on the 12V rails (combined)

Pretty damn good priced Christmas present eh?
He usually runs at either 1920x1080 or 1280x720 (he has a TV as his monitor) and its an HP computer form the factory, so it doesn't have much more than a WD Caviar Green and an optical drive. I also realized that after buying that PSU that the particular 9600GSO does not actually need an external power connector.

If it would be better I have an old school 8800GT that I stuck in my old dual-core HP because I had nothing better to do with it, but I would rather have something in the box to give him for Christmas and I heard the 8800GT was somewhat close to the 9600GSO in terms of performance in something like LoL.

Thanks in advance
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    It will be a small increase in performance.

    A 9600GT is a little slower than the Radeon HD 5670. The 9600GSO should be equal to or marginally faster than the Radeon HD 5570.
  2. the 9600GSO is the 9600GT put on a bad "skinny-model-diet" ...not much you can expect from it - though according to this chart you're in a good, comfortable seat :) against the 5450.

    For SCII i dunno - i played that game on a 17" lcd monitor @ 1280x1024 res and i was impressed by the game.

    as for power just make sure you have at least 400W coming from a good quality PSU - but if you have a 350W dell psu - then i'd not budge+stay warm in my chair :)
  3. So would I be better off taking the 8800GT out of the old HP I have it in right now and give it to him, maybe wrap the PSU and just say "now you can run that 8800GT I showed you awhile back."? Also are there any other recommendations on what the PSU listed will run for good money; I have no problem with spending a little more for something good. The computer that houses the 8800GT could take the 9600GSO and it would be no problem, I don't use it much anyway, just as a spare computer. The monitor the spare has only runs in 1280x1024 anyway, don't need much power to run it.
  4. according to ethically behavior - giving a person a present is best when its new...not recycled..well you could make a small card that goes with the 8800GT.

    your call - i'd say take it out, give it a good scrubbing and let him know that you put your back into it just to keep it clean and shiny :P
  5. I was just thinking I could wrap the PSU and just give him either the 8800GT or get something else, like a 5770 or the Nvidia equivalent; just something to run on that PSU.
  6. with 450W (form a reliable brand like a CM, XFX, Seasonic, Antec, NZXT PSU) you run a GTX 550Ti/HD5770/HD6770 but if its pricing thas got you concerned than picking up a HD6770 would be brilliant. ** BE careful of things sold on the bay - people there are dodgy.
  7. The 8800GT would be much better than a G94 9600GSO. This card however is gimped further with a 128-bit bus which makes the difference even larger.
    The 8800GT would still do well at 720p but is going to struggle at 1080p. For 1080p you would want to grab an HD6770 at least or preferably an HD6850
  8. So I guess I'll throw the 9600GSO into the spare computer I have (at least I can do something with it) and take either the 8800GT and give it to him or get him something new, preferably about $100. A 6770 sounds like a good choice; its just like a re badged 5770 right? The PSU is the 500W CM listed above. The 9600GSO would assumedly have no problem at all trying to run something like LoL on a monitor that goes only up to 1280x1024.
  9. Quote:
    its just like a re badged 5770 right?
    yeap! PSU checks out fine - a lil more pricey but is the best at this range

    The 9600GSO would assumedly have no problem at all trying to run something like LoL on a monitor that goes only up to 1280x1024.
    i played bioshock 2 on mid settings at that problem. Something like LoL will have no problem either.
  10. I did hear though that the power supply I purchased may have issues, as in the power was falsely advertised or something like that.
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