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Hey guys,

So I just built a new computer and there is this annoying humming sound that is coming from it. I have narrowed the problem down to the two 120mm top fans of my p280 case, and the side panel of the p280 case vibrating as a result of the two top fans.

I would like to rid my computer of this annoying sound, so i thought about changing the two fans at the top to a 3rd party brand; I was thinking of the Bitfenix Spectre Pro.

The two top fans are controlled by the p280 control hub, and spinning at 900rpm on the lowest setting is too fast and loud for what my computer actually needs.

This leads me to my question. I want to connect the two top fans to my motherboard so that I can control the speed of them, but I only have one chassis fan connector left on my motherboard.

So my question is: Is it safe to connect two Bitfenix Spectre Pro (12v, 0.18A) 120mm case fans to one chassis fan connection on my Asus Sabertooh z77 with a Y splitter?

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    Yes you can do that without any problem. Since the fans consume very low power 2-5watts you are good to go.
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