Bad Memory ?

Hey I just bought a 2 x 4 GB DDR3 Corsair XMS3 Pack ( ) and they don't work. With Windows 8 the PC keeps rebooting and with Windows 7 it freezes when booting up. In BIOS it appears that i have 8 gigs of ram. I tried to let only 1 memory in my PC but when i start the PC is automatically restarts. I have a Gigabyte H55M-S2 rev 1.3 and Intel Core I3 530 2.9 GHZ. I have the latest BIOS version which for my mobo is F4.
When i put the old ram memories in my PC eveything is OK but with the new ones the PC keeps restarting and freezing. When i try to install a OS the PC freezes.
Tried to turn up the voltage and still nothing. :(

Searched on Google and idk it kinda looks like Bad Memory.

PS : when i start the PC i don't get any beeps ...for bad memory

Any solutions ?
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  1. Instal the new memory then go to bios and enable XMP.
    If it crashes even before you enter bios, install your old cards set the ram settings manually(settings can be found on the card itself). Set everything frequency, timing, and voltage carefully. Save it. When system starts up, shut it down by pressing the power button. Then install the new cards and then boot it.
  2. in Bios i don't have the XMP feature i have System Memory Multiplier SPD and i have 4 options Auto which was set and 6.0 8.0 and 10.0

    manual of my mobo

    btw when i only have a 4gb memory in my pc it restarts immediately after i turn on the pc

    when i try memtest 86 it freezes at 55%

    or should i get this : in case i can't get those memories running on my pc
  4. Check again there should be extreme memory profile XMP. The gigabyte product page says so.
    Set the frequency to 1333MHz, timings to 9-9-9-24 and voltage to 1.5 volts
  5. still it doesn't work
  6. Did you enable XMP or manually set the timings?
    Try to set both voltages at 1.5 volts and 1.65 volts
  7. i can't find the XMP

    yes i set the voltages

    and it still doesn't work...+ if i only 1 memory memory card 4gb pc restarts doesn;t even boot

    searched the symptoms of bad memory and kinda have them...
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