What size sleeve?

I'm getting a Corsair ax750w PSU and I need to know the size I should get. Also is all psu wiring the same size or are different parts like 24pin power and a 4pin cpu power wires different sizes?

I bought 1/16" sleeving and 2 of them out on my PSU. The outcome looked nice but the length I tried at came out to small and shorted to far from where I wanted it also is super tight. I bought this. Black Super Tight weave. Lol I know what your thinking and no, its just the size I got wrong cause Im stretching the sleeving out so much I can see somewhat through it.

Also Should the heatshrink be the same size or 1 size bigger then the Sleeving?
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    3/32 sleeve would be a better bet,won`t stretch as much and shrink tube should be larger.It comes in2 basic forms 2to1 and 3to1 shrink ratio.
  2. well if you had a choice between 1/8" & 3/8" which would you choose?
  3. I just need an exact Size for the sleeving I need this time and i want to get it from frozencpu unless there is another vendor other then mdpc you can suggest. and I need to do it right this time and order in bulk so I don't F*** up this time. Its bugging me atm and I just want to buy the 1/4" Sleeving But I don't know that it will look how I want.
    They have
    1/16- Can't Get
    1/8-Thinking of

    choose one for cable sleeving or suggest other vendor with 3/32" Sleeving...and that honestly seems smaller then 1/16" sleeving and was pretty tight getting on 1/16 already.

    So goodnight.
  4. I need to order these sometime today so I can get them by the end of the week.
  5. PSU Sleeving kits typically include:

    10' - 1/4" sleeving
    10' - 1/8" sleeving
    5' - 1/2" sleeving
    5' - 3/8" sleeving
    1' - 9mm heatshrink tubing
    1' - 18mm heatshrink tubing
    6" - 24mm heatshrink tubing
    10 tie wraps
  6. yeah but if i get that theres going to be a lot of left overs and I'm unisleeving every cable so that kit won't work for me.
  7. Not what I was looking for but thanks
  8. after tons of research and not much help on these forums I OFFICIALLY found the EXact right answer....1/8" :D I am stress free of this now.
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