Problem - 25 second before boot BIOS

25 seconds is time between pressing the power button and appearing the POST screen or (if enabled) the BIOS logo screen!
I'll explain it vividly:
1. Pressing the power button
2. waiting, waiting.... waiting exactly 25 seconds!!!!
3. Appearing the POST screen or the Gigabyte BIOS logo screen like this:
or if I disable this picture in BIOS - appears the POST screen on monitor
4. BIOS initializing HDD-s, BDRW..etc .... 5 seconds
5. Start loading OS

Problem is at point number 2.
This is too much time before starting bios! I've never seen a PC that does this for so long.
Also, when I choose shutdown and Win is finished with logout and turn off video signal on monitor - PC is still runing for 12 seconds!

I tried to disable any not necessary devices in BIOS (LAN, Serial ports, etc....)AHCI is enabled. I've removed HDD & SDD, Firewire and HDSpark card - and it again took exactly 25 seconds! I've removed 2 by 2 memory DIMM cakes - result is the same.

Why 25 seconds?!! Where is the problem?
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  1. Hello... do you have the "test memory" option disabled? Do you have "Fast BOOT" enabled?
    Is this a new problem with your OLD computer? or a new computer you are just starting to use... 25 seconds is enough time to get a cup of coffee before you start internet surfing.
  2. for the blank screen for 25sec. if there onboard video with the mb. (new x7x and x6x intel mb) there a setting in the bios for primary display for post. most vendors set it up as ipgpu/peg/pci. so at post the onboard video would turn to nothing pluged on the onboard port...the mb then trys the gpu and finds it. so that there a small delay of the video going on. the other issues could be the video card and or the bios of the video card..if your using the hdmi port. dont ask me but i seen on some system where the hdmi port has slower boot then the dvi port. in the bios you can try and turn off the onboard chipset.
    also check to see if your bios has an anti surge setting. if it does and it on the mb may be slowly powering up to keep it from surging. for the shutdown issue check the cpu/case fans settings. on asus mb they have a setting to keep the cpu/case fans to keep moving for up to 30 sec after shutdown. the last things i would do is make sure the mb bios it at the newest rev. and then drain the mb and clear the cmos to make sure it not a cmos glitch.
  3. smorizio said:
    for the blank screen.........

    Thanks a lot for your time. I returned PC to the store and yesterday I get it back. They did not give me an answer why this happened, but PC is now OK.
    There is 11 seconds instead 25 before. I see that the version of bios is F8 instead F9, and listed memory speed is 1333. I do not know what they have done.
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