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Hey guys, i just wanted to post this real quick. I looked around everywhere on the interwebs on how to paint a decal onto my case. And after a while i just asked here, the advice was helpful but not entirely insightful, but at least they gave me the courage to do it.

So anyways, for anybody like me who wants to add there personality to there case ill give you some advice.

1) It's not hard... as long as you have the right stuff
Make sure you buy the right spray paint to get the job done, for example... you should buy a can of spray paint that is made to put onto plastic or metal. READ THOSE LABELS

2)You do not need a base coat
Computer cases are already primed. so paint away.

3) sand it, but just a bit.
don't sand blast your case just because you want to paint a decal, just grab some sandpaper and "scratch" the surface of the area you want to paint.

4) Make sure you have a decent stencil
I got to use a vinyl cutter for my decal because i go to a technical school and my trade has one. But if not one can be created by printing an image and cutting the image out with a pair of scissors or an exacto knife.

5) TAPE IT...
after taping your stencil to your case, tape the rest of the part of the case with a lo-tack painters tape so the paint wont get anywhere you don't want it.

6) Good ventilation
paint it outside preferably. our if your lucky and have a painting area in your garage or workshop then go ahead.

So after all these steps i finally got it done...

If anyone has any questions about how to do this, or if they want a stencil. PM me
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  1. how did it look with the vinyl cutout on the case?
    its a heap less effort and easily removed / changed
  2. the vinyl stuck really nicely to the case, it was a stencil vinyl, so it was a sticker, but it was just the outline of the image, the actual thing i painted, but you can just use the image and use a higher quality vinyl, but the downside to it is that if it is not applied correctly. the thing could peel off. But it is a good option if you don't want a permanent mark
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