Rebuilding an XPS 710

well not really rebuilding i bought a stock 710 for about $200 and i want to gut it and put smore' up to date parts in
i know by reading blogs and forums ... dell is a s.o.b. when it comes to this but it has

stock mother board
1gb ddr2
nvidia (somin in it dont feel like reading)
gold plated audio card
dual core 2 somin

how do i go about rebuilding the case to accept a non-dell mother board ?
can i still get all the parts to work (leds and power button)?
i'm aiming to get a alright mother board that can at least pull 4gb (8gb would be a good amount at max) ddr3 and a intel i3 or i5
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  1. You'll have to cut off the back of the case to get it to work with atx boards. Btx is a dead format; no newer boards available. Do yourself a favor and build your own; sell or give your dell to a family member. has combo deals every week under "shellshocker" specials; some include everything you'll need except the operating system; you can get that on craigslist. Yesterday, they had an amd combo for only $199 that included the case, power supply, amd cpu/heatsink, ram and board. They also have Intel combos. The shellshocker specials have the biggest discounts, up to $80 (typically 25%).
  2. So basically, you paid $200 for an old Dell case? :pt1cable:
  3. yup to build a newer one
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