Radeon hd5570 drivers wont install on windows 7

This has me going bonkers. I just recently updated from windows XP to windows 7. Let me point out that this video card radeon hd5570 was working just fine with windows xp and drivers installed and the CCC came right up after installing drivers. Now with windows 7 it will not install the drivers. Ive tried everything I can think of and really have no clue what to do now. Obviously the card is working because right now the display is running through the card with an HDMI cord to my TV. So its definitely working. I just cannot get the drivers to install. I put cd in and run the program it brings up the catalyst install manager. Does its thing and after the analyzing step it just basically skips the installing part and goes to finish. Says Installation complete (warnings occured during installation) view log for details.
Existing packages
AMD Catalyst Install Manager

Other detected devices

Error messages

This comes up in the log. I click finish and there is no sign that the drivers installed(because they didn't). No catalyst command center, no drivers no nothing. Ive gone to device manager and tried to install updates that way but still nothing. Its like it knows I have a video card in it but doesn't know what it is? I really have no clue what to try at this point. Suggestions??

also downloaded this program supposed autodetect what you need. This program will not open or run either. It downloads but when I push open nothing happens. Is this an issue with my windows?http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/windows/Pages/auto_detect.aspx actually appears it does open for a split second then closes.

ok appears these programs are not compatible with my windows for some reason. i right clicked on the amddriverdownloader and clicked trouble shoot compatibility. its trying to fix the problem but still isn't working. Idk why the programs wouldn't be compatible with windows 7 because says right on the download its for windows 7. I'm lost.

starting to think I have a bunk version of windows or something.
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  1. 1. Does your Account have Administrator privileges?
    2. Right click on the setup.exe icon and select - Run as Administrator
    3. Did you download the latest drivers from the website? (Not using auto detect)

    Here is a link to some FAQ's about the card. The third link here is regarding an error when installing.

    Here is the download link to the driver. Select the OS.

    Hope this helps. :)
  2. Tried everything you suggested with no luck. It always goes through the installation process and then never installs the CCC or drivers. It only installs hydravision. Its like its not recognizing what card is in the computer but obviously it knows there is a card in it cuz its using it. I really don't know what else to try besides reinstalling windows. Also tried taking card out, restarting without card. Shutting down then installing card and restarting. Nothing works! :(

    Thanks for suggestions though :)
  3. Just throwing this out there but have no clue if this is whats causing problem. When upgrading to windows 7 it keeps a folder of your old windows with everything in there. Maybe the install manager is detecting settings from old windows version and thinks ccc and drivers are already installed??
  4. I can see from your edited post the error log message that you gave there. It detected the older installation of your GPU's drivers and CCC. It is usually best when you upgrade your OS to backup all the data you want to keep. Then format the drive and do a clean install. There are alot of times issues like this.
  5. updating post with latest. Just completely formatted hard drive and reinstalled windows. So brand new clean version loaded on comp. Went to install drivers and same issue. Would not load the drivers or CCC once again. I emailed sapphire support and they said it sounds like a hardware problem which is confusing to me considering i'm using the card right now for display and it was working just fine with windows xp. I'm clueless as can be at this point and am starting to think it has to be something wrong with the card but find that very odd. Anyway waiting to hear back from them. They say I going to have to RMA the card, well see what happens. Will update thread when I hear more. Thanks for all replies.
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