How much VRAM for BF3 at Max

Hey guys I am currently deciding on the last few bits of hardware for my build and really want to be able to run BF3 at Max Settings and AA. I have seen a few VRAM usage reports but I am still skeptical. The GTX 580 has a great 1.5GB but I have heard rumors that you need more to run at absolute highest settings.

If I could get some input here much appreciated.
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  1. i don't see any reason the retail game would be much different
  2. Impossible to answer as you have not stated the resolution you will be using.
  3. cygone said:
    Impossible to answer as you have not stated the resolution you will be using.

    1920X1080, also running a second smaller, VGA monitor at 1280X1024 that I only keep on for multitasking and I can turn it off if needed. With both monitors my single 9800GTX+ will still run it on low.
  4. at 1080p 1.5gb should be fine, although if your really worried about it you could get a 3gb 580
  5. Pfft, 1gb should be fine... Al-though looking at crysis with the high resolution tex packs you may need more than a gig. But no one really knows for sure. If you have the money get more vram.......
  6. I have consumed 4.6 gb/ of 6 available on SLI MSI 580 LE's

    One card is usually full and the other picks up what is left over. When both cards carry 4 to 5 of 6 vram during a game... it's quite something.

    I have done the Alpha and also the Beta. And have taken time to build my system around the game's best recommended specs or better.

    Video options are now irrelevant to me. I just go in and play. So much eye candy, so pretty... so easy to shoot a eye or ear as a sniper for example.
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