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A few years ago I got a Toshiba Satelite L455-s5975. It has a celeron 900 processor and 2 gigs ram and 250 gb hdd. It is so slow. All I do is surf the web, play facebook games, look at photos I take on my camera (I don't do anything but crop my photos) and some minor games like zoo tycoon, civ, and I would like to run SIMs. I have to get a laptop as I have no room for a desktop. I have high speed internet that I share with 3 other computers. I am baffled by all the different processor an such. I don't need a lot. What should I be looking at? I know it is not much money and I could save up a bit more but I would like one sooner rather than later. Also how do I transfer my information that I have on one computer to the new one? I am running bitdifender antivirus software (it seems to have slowed my computer down more than they said it would, but I am stuck with it as I have a 3 year subscription of it :( ) Thanks for your help

P.s I also have a really bad habit of having a lot of tabs open at the same time (right now I have 7). Does this matter. I also do basic email. Thanks
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  1. I wouldn't go with an Intel CPU if you want to do even a little bit of gaming because you don't have enough cash for a dedicated card and Intel HD graphics are pretty terrible for gaming.

    Ideally you want to do for an A6-3400 with 4GB of RAM, an e-450 might do the job in terms of graphics but the CPU is a bit weak.
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    This will be ok , it's got an i5 and a proper graphics card, for $549. YOu'll have to wait though, it's sold out xD
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