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So I am looking into getting a new motherboard to support my AMD3+ FX 8350(Eight Core) CPU, I noticed my mother board is smaller than the one i'm looking into, I am worried that the new motherboard will not fit in side my computer case. Does anybody know if the new motherboard will fit, if not what other motherboards support AMD3+ and DDR3 1600 RAM and will fit in my computer. Links will be below. Also my case is - Dimensions: 16.02 x 7.31 x 17.9 inches (HxWxD)

Old Motherboard -

New Motherboard -

Case -
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  1. Your old dell is a btx format design, abandoned years ago by the case and board makers; it has the ports on the wrong side, designed to help cool the old p4 space heater cpus. Unless you want to cut the back of your dell case with a dremel tool, get one of these cases instead:

    The last sentry case comes with a low end power supply; try your dell if you like, but I don't know if it will fit. Heres a good ps for not much $$: $20 after rebate and promo code.

    I've worked at dell manufacturing several times; they aren't designed for easy upgrades.
  2. Thank you, I have selected a case, and am checking if my power supply can fit inside it, so far it looks like it can, however if I find out it can't i'll check out the one you recommended.
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