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Can I add a video card to my HP desktop externally?

I have an HP desktop and it supports a crappy GT 420 video card.
the card can't support FIFA 12 on it!
So if I try to change the video card myself then those HP people will end my warranty.
I have seen external video cards like this one---

Can I hook up an external video card which is at least decent??
I had the GTX 460 in mind
btw this is my PC---------
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  1. No, you cannot use that external graphics card on a desktop. The external GPU you linked to uses the Express Card interface which is only found on laptops. Furthermore, performance on an external card would be quite poor, Express Card and USB don't have the bandwidth to support full performance from high end GPUs. The only possibility for a desktop external graphics card would probably involve a USB 3.0 connection, and I'm not sure if such a solution is on the market yet. Furthermore, your computer does not have USB 3.0, you would have to add a USB 3.0 card for an external GPU to work, leading you back to your original problem, USB 2.0 is simply too slow to run any sort of graphics card.

    If you really need a graphics upgrade, you're just going to have to bite the bullet and void your warranty, or you are going to have to contact HP and see what upgrades they offer. HP will of course charge an arm and a leg for a graphics upgrade, so it's probably not worth going that route.

    I'm actually surprised the GT 420 won't run FIFA 12. While weak, it is a more recent card and should support all the necessary technologies to run the game. Is the game performance simply slow, or does the game not start at all? If you're having trouble launching the game, try updating your graphics drivers.
  2. well yeah I exagerated,the game works quite smooth on medium settings but my old video card GT 9600 512 mb was much more smoother with the game.
    is there no solution?
    Please i dont want to void my warranty.
    I just got it 3 days back!
  3. If you want better graphics, you're going to have to open the case. There is no external solution available that will work with your computer. The only way to do this without voiding the warranty is if you get HP to do the upgrade, and that will be quite expensive.
  4. and also power supply right?
    this one has only 300W
  5. You do have some upgrade options with a 300 Watt PSU. You can support up to a Radeon HD 6670, which is a lot faster than your GT 420, it's faster than your old 9600 GT even. If you want to go higher than that you will need a new power supply. Whether it's worth going past the 6670 will depend on which games you play, what screen resolution you play at, and how much money you're willing to spend.
  6. 6670 is OEM.....
    any other card???
    I prefer nvidia over AMD
  7. 6670 is available on the open market, at least in North America, maybe it's different elsewhere. The 5670 is a little bit slower than the 6670 and will also work on your PSU if you can find that card. If you prefer nvidia, you're going to have to upgrade your power supply if you want a decent upgrade from your GT 420. Nvidia's current sub $120 offerings tend to perform worse than AMD cards of the same price, while using more power. The only current nvidia card that equals the 6670 is the GT 545, which is OEM only, and I would hesitate to put it on your current PSU, it uses about 40 more watts than the 6670. Same thing with the 8800 GT or 9800 GT, which are older cards that perform about the same as the 6670. The GTS 450 is a little bit faster than the 6670, but that will definitely need a better PSU. If you don't want to spend anything at all, and you still have your 9600 GT, that would work on your current machine, but it is a rather weak card by today's standards, though still better than the GT 420.
  8. im gonna be playng for another 2 years max.
    then I will be going off to college I guess :p
    yeah 6670 seems like a good card.
    and its pretty cheap too, I checked on ebay and it is 130$
  9. For a 6670 that is overpriced. The 6670 is usually priced around $90 to $100. $130 is a more appropriate price for a GTX 550Ti or maybe even a Radeon HD 6790. If for some reason you cannot find the 6670 outside of OEMs or the secondary market, go for the 5670, it's only slightly slower, and you probably can get it for a much lower price.
  10. I checked and the 6670 isnt even that great
    So i guess I should be getting a new PSU too?
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    If you want performance better than the 6670, then yes you will need a new PSU. Any card that performs better uses at least 100 Watts, and I doubt your PSU will be able to deliver 100+ Watts to the graphics card and power the rest of your system at the same time. A good quality 500 Watt power supply will power most single GPU configurations. Some good brands are Antec, Seasonic, Corsair, Enermax. As for which card to get, that would depend on how much money you would want to spend after buying the PSU. It would also help to know your screen resolution, that would make it easier to recommend a card.
  12. money is not an issue
    But I really think upgrading my PSU and getting a better video card should be the best.
  13. If money is no object, then yes getting a new power supply and video card is definitely the best route to take. If you do want to get a really high end card though, make sure the card can actually fit in the HP case. The higher end cards tend to be quite long, often close to 12 inches. You'll want to measure the distance between the back of your case next to your PCI-E slot and the hard drive cage to determine if the card you want will actually fit.
  14. So I think it's decided
    My 3 year warranty is gone
    I get a new PSU and a new video card

    I really don't understand why those HP people call this a high end gaming computer?
    8GB DDR3 RAM,i7 2600 and a terrible terrible video card
  15. Yeah, if you want a gaming PC, the OEMs are not a good place to go. They always stuff in a really low end card with the high end CPUs and lots of RAM. You have to look at their $1200 and up options in order to get a decent graphics card from them. That's why it is usually better to build your own PC if you want to use it as a gaming platform.
  16. yeahh
    thanks for your opinion though
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