Asus saber tooth z77 LGA 1155. Won't turn on

Just setup a new system. It worked just fine, loaded win7 home premium. Ran windows updates rebooted logged back in. Went to shutdown. Now it will not power up? Need help. I do not get any LED lights on the mobo. But there is a flashing blue bios light on the back. Please any suggestions
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  1. System specs? Include make and model of the power supply.
  2. Power supply is a blue star 650 watt atx CPU is an intel core i5-3570k
  3. Get a good power supply,like a seasonic or corsair.never skimp on your psu.
  4. I just don't believe it's the power supply. Was working fine running for 2 hours. Not having any issues . Shutdown won't power up. Is there any safety feature that got triggered or something with the bios. Getting flashing bios LED in back
  5. My guess would be that cheap psu popped. If that's the case you will be very lucky if only the PSU died crappy power supplies rarely go alone.
  6. Thanks I will try a different PSU . What do u recommend
  7. Have you tried reseting the bios using the jumper? If your not sure where it is check page 2-14 of the motherboards manual.
  8. Seasonic, pc power and cooling, Corsair, XFX, and Antec are good brands. As for wattage id need to know what video card you have.
  9. Thank you I am going to try resetting the bios now and my video card is a geforce 8400 gs
  10. If you dont plan on getting a better video card than any 300w or above should be fine.
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