How much better is Athlon II X4 631 than A4-3400?

I'm using an AMD A4-3400 2.7Ghz (OC'ed to 3.0Ghz) right now and my card is was Radeon HD 6570 (no crossfires). When I play poorly optimized games like Star Wars the Old Republic, even with low resolution of 1024 x 768, my frame rate is still all over the place on lower settings. I wanted to improve that experience by replacing the card with a HD 6850. I tried the game again with HD 6850 and I didn't feel it has improved much, so I thought the A4-3400 is bottlenecking HD 6850. I'm now looking at an Athlon II X4 631 to work with the HD 6850. Will Athlon II X4 631 be much better than A4-3400 and do you think it will still make me feel that HD 6850 is being bottlenecked?

Since I'm using an FM1 socket motherboard, my selection of CPUs are limited. I chose Athlon II X4 631 because it's the cheapest quad core I can find that fits my board, yet still sold in stores. (I don't want to shop online)
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  1. That X4 631 is a A6-3650 Llano 2.6GHz without it's graphics core active.
    So you'd be trading 2 APU cores @ 2.7Ghz for 4 APU cores @ 2.6Ghz.

    Depending on the game you could see improvements.
    Other games, like StarCraft 2, not all that much difference.
  2. Ok, so the question becomes is A6-3650 APU a tiny or huge jump from A4-3400, without caring for the integrated graphics? Is trading 2 APU cores @ 2.7Ghz for 4 APU cores @ 2.6 Ghz a tiny or huge upgrade? The game I will be playing is SWTOR. I don't play SC2.
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    SWTOR can make use of the two extra cores.

    From THG review: Star Wars: The Old Republic: PC Performance, Benchmarked
    CPU Clock And Core Benchmarks

    The THG article: Best Gaming CPUs For The Money: March 2012
    Gaming CPU Hierarchy Chart shows moving from A4-3400 to Athlon II X4-631 as a two tier upgrade.
  4. Just go for it and don't look back plus you can overclock much further with the Athlon than with the A4.
  5. Look around and see if you get a good price on the Athlon II X4 651 3.0Ghz version.
  6. Thanks guys, I went for the upgrade and noticed the difference. Although, the game isn't running nearly as smooth as I hoped, but I guess it's just the poorly optimized SWTOR being itself.
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