Got new ASUS Rampage IV MOBO in mail a couple days ago. started putting things together, got the PSU MOBO and CPU in. kicked on power, No fans come on, Start, Reset, and BIOS 1 lights come on. hit start button nothing happends. Removed CPU. Cleared CMOS Removed Power cable help Start button for 20 seconds. replugged in power, hit start button with no CPU just PSU and MOBO. Still no fans but still get LED lights, im 99% sure i have power cables plugged in correctly. Last thing I am thinking about attempting is an update on the BIOS. Am i missing something or shouldnt i get some action from my MOBO with nothing but PSU and Mobo

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  1. Have you connected the 8-pin power cable too?
  2. Proc was bad
  3. ya that sounds like mine when I took out the CPU
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