Recieved RAMPAGE IV EXTREME the other day, Started to put build together, Put PSU and MOBO in, tried to boot, no success no fans, just start reset and bio 1 light. does anyone have any recommendations
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  1. Any beeps ?
    You have CPU and RAM right ? ;-)
  2. No beeps no nothing, no PSU fan LED or Spins, Haven't put the ram in yet, putting CPU in still got the same results, No spins no startup, just ligts on the start reset and BIOS
  3. Have you plugged in both the 24 pin main power port AND the 4/8 pin cpu power port?

    See this for more in depth:

    Normaly you need to have the following connected to power on the computer: CPU WITH thermal paste and fan mounted, at least one stick of RAM, GPU, power supply, monitor, keyboard. That will get you into bios so you can verify that all connected components talk to the motherboard and are properly configured.
  4. Yup 24 PIN and both 4 and 8 pin power connectors, Will try it with RAM and GPU, and see where that gets me. My technical experience is a little above the basics, Usually within my experience i still get an error code beep without the RAM in which is where my concern is from.
  5. Proc was bad
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