Asus Sabertooth 990fx r2 - freeze before boot if i connect a HDD

Hello every one

it sounds weird but it is what is happening. plz help me

I bought some things to build a new computer, so I started to put it together and when I realized after start flashing sometimes the screen with the logo of tuf, freezes and I can not do anything or enter BIOS

but if I remove the HDD I can enter the bios normally move things etc.

I thought it was because sata ports not working, but I have a Sata DVD that works correctly on any port.

What I might suggest that the problem is the HDD but if I plug in another computer functions properly.

please help
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  1. Hi, if you set the DVD drive as the primary boot device, insert an Windows DVD in it, does the system boot (HDD connected)?
  2. Set the Sata controller to achi and see if that helps.
  3. thx all for reply!

    if i put the DVD on the motherboard without the HDD, the computer runs ok, and if i put the Windows DVD in on the DVD can enter and see the instalation etc. but when i enter on the partition screen cant continue because isnt any hdd connected on it.

    but if i connect the HDD and the DVD the mother freezes on the motherboard start screen.

    i try setting the sata ports on AHCI and IDE with the same result.

    plz any help and thanx
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    If the HDD is new, try initializing and formatting it in another PC. Try also changing the boot order in BIOS. Set the DVD drive as the 1st boot device.
  5. the HDD isnt new and format the disk on another computer several times and nothing :(
  6. That's a weird issue, then. Can you borrow an HDD and test? Borrow also a SATA cable.
  7. The same thing happened to me just before my hdd crashed. 2 hdd of mine crashed like this. So if you ever get a chance to use the hdd on other system I'll advice you to backup the data from that hard drive.
    I tried a lot of things with my drive when it was about to crash but nothing helped. So it is better you go for a replacement. Also you can use the PCB from an identical drive. Since the hdd is not physically damaged there is a chance that changing the PCB would help.
  8. hi everyone! just came to say thx to all, i try with other 2 HDD and everything works properly.

    So the problem is my HDD, the weird thing here is that if i connect my HDD in another computer works without problems.

    i had to buy another HDD.

    See ya and thx
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