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I have just seen an advertisement for a website selling computer related items -

I am just using this as an example but if there was an area in the forum where these small computer websites can promote themselves then all to the good and then certain other areas of the forum will not become locked up with there advertisments. I know there are certain risks with this so it will have to be a well policed area and the usual set of forum guidelines may have to tightened up a bit.

I notice there is alot of talk about computer fairs its apparent that lots of us use them for buying our components and such so would an area for them to be advertised on the site be advantageous, I have searched google for computer fairs and found alot of dead links and duff information. So if an area of the forum lets organisers or members tell us about an up and coming event it would be advantageous for all.

PS - I have posted this message in two different parts of the forum as I was unsure what the the best place to post this type of message.
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  1. maybe a good idea but ive been to about 5 differant computer fairs and to be honest i'm not going to bother again! Alot of the goods can be bought from a good retailer at the same price or as i've found sometimes alot cheaper.
    EG: i had been looking for new G.Card for 2 months and decided on Sapphire HD5850 Vapor-X (Overclocked Edition)
    PC Fair £279.99
    Retailer £254.99 & Next Day Delivery
  2. I'd have to agree with ejaymax there, all the computer fairs I've been to have had really terrible prices by the vendors. Probably to make up the cost it takes to set up as a vendor in the fair.
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