Swapping an ATI HD 5450 for an ATI HD 6670

Hi everyone.

My friend just bought a new computer, with the aforementioned ATI 6670 card in it, but he doesn't need it. I would like to swap it with my own, weaker ATI 5450 card, but I don't know if I should switch the power supplies as well; I don't want to tamper with his brand new machine overmuch, with that clumsiness of mine. Plus, his machine has an AMD Phenom II six-core processor (don't know the exact Ghz) and 12GB of RAM, I don't now if it factors into the equation and if this pretty powerful hardware requires the power supply installed into his machine. If I recall correctly my own supply is standard 250 watts, but I have no idea what his is.

Thanks in advance!
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  2. I call it the ''oh, shiny!'' effect myself. He just uses his computer to go on the Internet and use Word and such, he has absolutely no use for any good rig.

    But that's besides the point, now I know I just have to switch cards and that's it. Thanks!
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