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I'm getting BSOD/crashes whenever I play a certain game or use file compression like winrar. Everything was working fine for over a year until last week. I use two sticks of 1gb RAM. Both are functioning normally. I isolated the problem by taking one stick out, trying both DIMM slots, interchanging the memory modules, etc.

I found out that this only happens when I use 2 sticks of 1gb RAM together. If I use only one (on either DIMM slots), I don't get crashes, although my PC runs slow.

I've tried formatting and updated my drivers (graphics, sound, etc). But no luck.
I'm using Windows XP Pro SP3.

Any idea how to stop these crashes?
Thank you in advance ;)
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  1. Reset the bios and enable XMP or set the ram settings manually
  2. Try monitoring the temperatures under load. What motherboard using?
  3. see if there mb bios update.
  4. Thanks for the replies.

    I don't know how to monitor temperature under load so I don't know :(
    The board is Emaxx.

    I haven't updated bios because I not sure on how to do it.

    I also don't know how to set the RAM settings manually or enable XMP but I will try figure this out.

    I appreciate the replies. Thanks guys :)
  5. sounds like a bad ram dimm. do this go to crusial memory web page let it read your system info (memory advisior). it tell you the make and speed of the ram your mb should have. then download cpu-z and read the ram info and mb info and post it here. under the spd tab will be your ram main spec. after posting your info here try running from a boot cd or usb stick memtest86. it see if you have any ram issues.
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