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hi i currently have a 9800gt, and i thing im no longer satisfied of its performance, is it worth upgrading to a gts450 or hd5770? tnx to all!!!
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  1. Just to give a rough estimate

    9800gt - 915
    gts 450 - 1433
    hd5770 - 1676

    gts 450 is 1.56x faster
    hd5770 is 1.83x faster

    hd5770 will be decently faster than your 9800gt.
  2. Those wouldn't be a good upgrade choice.They are only slightly faster than a 9800GT making it not a worthwhile upgrade.

    What is your budget?

    What are your full system specs?(CPU,RAM,etc.)

    What is the make/model of your PSU?
  3. amd x2 250@ 4.1,4gh crucial ddr2 ram., ecs a780gm-a blackseries mobo and seasonic s12II 520w bronze. a buget of 150usd
  4. The best $150 card is probably the 6850 (ex. ), but that dual-core CPU may bottleneck a 6850.
  5. Is that an Athlon your using? And at 4.1ghz?

    For $150 the best bang for your buck would be the 6850.It's a lot faster than the 9800GT.And faster than the GTS450 and 5770.

    Sapphire 6850 $150=$135 after MIR + $7 Shipping

    Dirt 3 also comes with the purchase of that card.
  6. Agree with the other members.
    If you're running that Athlon 250 at 4.1GHz, then a HD 6850 will run just fine. That PSU is adequate enough as well.
  7. ive seen my friends rig running a 6870 with a core2 duo e7400, and its running fine, it just too long to load the game, but once loaded no prob. but guys where can i buy that with free shipping or secondhand! coz if my procie will make a bottleneck, im gonna upgrade it too
  8. This is actually a really really good deal if you can stretch your budget and extra $10.

    MSI Cyclone 6850 $160=$125 after MIR + Free Shipping

    The Cyclone is one of the best aftermarket heatsinks the 6850 has to offer.And that card also comes with a copy of Dirt 3.You will regret not getting it if you don't.
  9. yeah i see it, i say if there is a secondhand 6850, i will get it to save some penny for a new procie. coz im im in a little budget here, i already got a copy of dirt3, finised playing it also. i just want to run that game with dx11 features. and for future i want to use this computer for 2 years
  10. You can also look for a second hand GTX460, roughly the same as a 6850.
  11. can u give me a link pls.
  12. Not for second hand, don't know which sites are good, know e-bay but that's it.
    I can provide a link with a new gtx460 example from newegg ;
  13. I don't usually recommend buying second hand PC hardware, though.
    But you may go for it if it's okay with you. :)
  14. Me also. I think the, often small, price difference isn't worth the risk.
    But as the op stated he wants to save money and maybe buy second hand.
    If going for new the cyclone would be the best offer indeed.
  15. Agreed. :)
  16. hi guys! im back i just took a vacation. i decided to upgrade my proc. first. im running a phenom2 x6 now. graphics upgrade later. tnx guys for all of your help!! how do i end this thread??
  17. Give the best answer to the member whom you think has helped you out the most. :)

    The mods will then close this thread.
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