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I need to set up a computer system with 3 hd tv's. I'm wondering what graphics cards I should use? It's going to be used to demo a program on the tv's for potential customers...The tv's .. not purchased yet but they will be 1080p capable.

The price - it would be preferable to keep it under 200 each for the graphics cards

Any help would be appreciated!
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  1. Any card that supports AMD's Eyefinity will support 3 monitors.

    Are you just playing movies, or do you actually need to render 3D content? If you aren't doing anything demanding than any of these would work -
  2. 3 HDTV's at big resolutions will require 2+ GB Video RAM. That's the first rule.
    Secondly, what sort of stuff do you plan to do on the 3 HDTVs?
    You can go in for either eyefinity enabled cards or Nvidias Surround technology.
    Eyefinity is possible using a single card also whereas, I think for Surround View you require 2 Cards for more than 2 Displays.
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