Deleted ProgramData Folder, DHCP Client not working


I'm using windows7 enterprise edition on my Laptop.
Accidentally I have removed most of the files inside ProgramData folder.

Now issue is that, DHCP Client Service is not working.

(1) Does DHCP Client really Depends upon any file there?
(2) I have seen that some of the folder have been created inside ProgramData. Can I copy any folder/file from other Laptop (Win7 EE) to my laptop to make this work?
(3) Any other workaround?

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  1. undelte from the recycle bin? assume that if it is in \windows or in \programXXX then its important. Do you have a backup? Did you copy the files somewhere safe before deleting them?
  2. Yes. Those were also deleted from recycle bin.
    Files were deleted only from /temp, /tmp and c:/ProgramData (Hidden folder) without any backup.

    I tried checking DHCP client and verified that some XXX.sys files (of the dependent serives) are available inside /system32/Drivers but still service is not getting up.
  3. no idea then really. Why did you do it?
  4. Well actually was not really knowing that /programData would be so much important.
    Actually, I thought while any service/app runs, it saves its config/some sort of settings there (which was wired I think now). Like for some apps, some sub-folders are getting created now.
    - I was clean the system from some /temp, unwanted files.

    I believe restore/re-installing the Win7 is now the only option.
    AnyIdea, how to keep backup for Imp files in C:\. Any best practices for backup?
  5. all programs > accessories > system tools > easy machine transfer, but you need somewhere to put it, big usb stick etc
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