Can not eject or hot- swap hard drives on new build

Just completed a new build with a Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UP5 TH mother board. Rev: 1.0 bios F11. Before loading windows 8 pro 64 bit I checked bios to make sure everything was set to AHCI. It was set this way by default on this board. I loaded Windows 8 and all the drivers from the Gigabyte web site. Everything seems to be running smooth......but . My OP system is on a Samsung 128 ssd and I have two other 500 GB WD storage drives. I can not hot-swap any of these drives....they don't show up in the tray...... nor can I right click and eject them in My Computer. Everything seems set to AHCI in bios.....does not seem to make sense ? What am I missing or what did I screw up ? Did I miss a driver ?
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  1. See this:

    HotSwap software here:
  2. Thanks for the reply....but this is a new build and I know both the motherboard and op system are both capable of hot-swapping so I want to get it right. I am not apposed to re-installing the op system.....but not till I know what went wrong or what I did or didn't do to have this hot-swapping problem. Never had a problem with Gigabyte boards and windows 7.
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