Debating on upgrading 460gtx 768mb 192-bit

After looking at some articles on here and comparing on some of the benchmarks I'm curious to know if upgrading is the right decision at this time. The only game on the horizon that I'm looking at is Guildwars 2. I'm going to be upgrading my ram to 8gb shortly from the 4gb I have now. I'm running an older phenom x4 oc'd to 3.5ghz, I'm currently using the 460gtx 768mb version and I only have this because I didn't realize what it was when I bought it (I had been looking for 256-bit.) Do you guys think with the upgraded memory I'll be able to play new and upcoming games well? I play on 1280x960 res if that makes a difference. Appreciate the advice in advance.
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  1. For 1280x960 a 768mb GTX 460 should be more than enough for a long time to come.
  2. Thanks for the feedback it really is a limitation in my monitor I feel like because other resolutions just look funny and/or squashed. The native resolution is 1440x900 should I be using that and would that change the output of your advice? I had a radeon 4800hd before this and the difference is night and day I really do love the card. From the articles I read it seems my memory may hold me back so I am going to upgrade from 4gb of ddr2 667 to 8gb of ddr2 800 because the price is reasonable. I'm trying to get this rig to last me at least one more year! Thanks a bunch for your response.
  3. After screwing around with some more resolutions it seems to be the best on 1280 x 1024. Native resolution looks to squished I don't know if it's because my monitor is old.
  4. On LCD monitors you really should use the native resolution. That represents the actual number of pixels that make up the screen. All of other resolutions will be imperfectly displayed because of pixel distortion to fit the new resolution on a improper number of display elements. The native resolution should not look "squished." If it does it is more likely an issue with your settings than the monitor. Try changing things, gpu scaling in particular might be set wrong.
    1440x900 isn't significantly higher than 1280x960, it is just a different aspect ratio, so the advice about the card remains the same.
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