Is my graphics card bad?

I am running a Quadro NVS 110m, Overclocked to 450/700mhz
I have been running this for as long as I remember

Today, I played Call of Duty 4, Combat Arms (an FPS) and then finally, Team Fortress 2. After about 10 minutes of playing Team Fortress 2, the game froze. Annoyed, i went to go eat. I came back and found it was still frozen, so I pulled the power.

During POST, I see vertical blue lines running up and down the screen. Then, eventually during the boot, I reach a BSOD saying

"Page fault in Non Paged Area"

There are a few ways to bypass this BSOD:
Safe Mode
Uninstall Graphics Card Drivers

Both of these allows me to boot into Windows correctly

During Windows, i do not see the vertical lines during post

I have done Virus Checks, Reinstalled Graphics Card Drivers (Both an older version from Dell and the one Windows 7 recommended)

Whenever I have Graphics Card drivers installed, Windows refuses to boot.

Tell me, should I reformat Windows? I'm completely comfortable with doing it if it means I can fix my computer.

And what is the problem? Should I remove a RAM stick and try that? Memtest and Windows 7 Memory diagnostic ran fine.
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  1. Sounds very much like a fried GPU.

    I had a Quadro NVS 135m go just 2 weeks ago, succumbed to the heat/fabrication problem on the 8-series GPUs. I could boot into windows XP in safe mode, but the screen would go blank on a normal login immediately after the XP loading screen.

    The PC uses the standard VGA windows driver for safe mode, and also during the windows load screen, then the screen flickers and switches to the graphics card driver on a normal boot up. Sounds like your PC is happy using the vga driver, but the moment you try to go through the graphics card you're in trouble. Almost certainly the card is dead. :(
  2. So i have absolutely no power over any of this?
  3. No, you don't. The video card is dead.
  4. Then is there an integrated Intel graphics card I can just use that's built in rather than the NVIDIA?
  5. The integrated one won't be as powerful, but for the time being, you can use the onboard card for now. :)
  6. Gman450 said:
    The integrated one won't be as powerful, but for the time being, you can use the onboard card for now. :)

    The NVS 110m *would* be his onboard video. The NVS 110m is a member of the mobile Quadro family.
  7. So, no Intel onboard?
  8. No, as mavroxur said, the Quadro IS the integrated graphics - it's part of the mobo effectively. Whole thing would need to be replaced.
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