Onboard Sound Crackles and deterioration

Computer boots up with OK sound (mostly).. the sound goes downhill and becomes broken and crackly after an uncertain length of time.
If I have more than one sound using application open this happens faster and can almost very reliably be induced (use hungrier sound app.. TeamSpeak is a classic for it with a browser window open with sound on the page).
Happens regardless of operating system (I run windows 7 and various linux)
Reboot fixes it but generally not for very long (irrespective of OS)
Occasionally it doesn't do it in the bootup I have done.. for example 1:10 - 1:20 bootups the problem isn't there.
Drivers haven't made any difference so it appears not to be a driver issue.. also Win & Linux drivers are isolated from each other so it cant be theyre sharing something bad.

When this happens it effects the entire system performance.. mouse drags become jerky and the problem goes downhill quickly until reboot when it has reset itself to semi ok.

If I cant reliably show the computer has no sound consistantly warranty doesn't cover it so has proven itself worthless in that respect.

Computer Details: Acer Aspire AX5810
Micro case
Seems Realtek onboard audio

Cant find online who the motherboard manufacturer is or what model.

I cant fit a real soundcard in it nor can I afford to buy another computer.. if I open the case I void my (almost worthless) warranty in case of CPU meltdown.

Am I correct in assuming this is faulty hardware and is there a workaround (ie will a decent external sound card get me around the problem)?
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  1. Blue Screen of Death & auto reboot with the message computer shut down due to hardware error, (sound issue had just got really bad I was trying to complete something).. found this in a report wondering if its useful:
    First thing I noticed was lots of NUL everywhere.. lines im putting in all have as below in them or chars i cant identify so below is just a sample as it wouldnt paste
    Intel(R) G45/G43 Express Chipset
    Intel(R) 82567V-2 Gigabit Network connection
    Intel(R) ICH10 Family 6 Port SATA AHCI Controller - 3A22
    Intel(R) Corporation HD Audio Device (insert garbled & NUL) INTEL G43 + ICH10

    It appears some of the text lines go long distance length wise when opening with notepad.
    The BSOD told me there was info being dumped here so I looked.. is there some other way I can review the data and find out whats actually happening?
    The other report was an XML which didn't seem to give anything useful except a utorrent popup.
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