AMD 3+ heatsink installation concerns

Hey everyone

I am in the midst of building a new computer (my first build fyi) I have a Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD7 Motherboard and I have just installed an AMD FX-8120 processor. when I installed the heatsink fan, it took ALOT of force to get the side mounting clips onto the mounting bracket. I am getting my power supply in the next day or so, so doing a test boot right now is out of the question.
I might be sounding paranoid but I don't know If I would have used too much force :S obviously the cpu is a delicate piece of equipment and to have to force a heatsink fan on like that seemed really obsure to me. is this normal for installing an AMD cpu?

what are the chances that I would have damaged my cpu upon the heatsink installation? I didn't hear any cracks or anything like that. but, if someone could put my mind at ease it would be very much appreciated :)
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  1. no worries you didnt damage anything
    make sure to replace the thermal paste if you choose to remove the heatsink
  2. I second Alvine.
    It can be a pig to get a CPU cooler on and if you haven't done it very often it can sometimes be suprising how much force is required. I remember once having the same fear, rest assured the chances of damage to the CPU is remote. There is more chance of you damaging the mobo than a CPU on cooler installation.
  3. Agreed. With the heat cap on most processors today it would be very difficult to hurt the CPU. Back in the day that was a bigger concern.
  4. Somewhere back a few years, AMD changed something on their HSF locking system. I used to be able to clip on an AMD HSF with little effort back in the Athlon, Athlon II, Phenom (and some Phenom II) days. But their more powerful processors have a slightly different clamping design. I had a PhII X4 980 on an AM3+ socket that was a bear to clamp. Had to use a small screwdriver in the sq. slot for leverage to get it over the nub. It bothered me to have that kind of pressure on the CPU pkg, so I removed it and bought an aftermarket cooler. Also, the aftermarket cooler was much quieter.
  5. I had the same problem with my FX-8120 and the stock heat-sink although I only used it for two days until my water cooling kit arrived. But going from my Phenom II 1090t to the FX it took quite a bit more force to lock the heat sink clamp in place.
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