[Asus] Can't detect memory.

I bought a new motherboard, CPU, and RAM for a new build and when i put them together a red LED light lit up indicating that it can't read the RAM. I only bought 1 RAM because i was tight on the budget. I even get the error beep code of 1 long and 2 short beeps. I looked it up and it did say that it indicated memory issue. So I went to replace the RAM but it still didn't work. I'm beginning to suspect bad memory slots and may have to return the MOBO. I haven't tried resetting the CMOS though, will that help? and I have a friend coming over to test his RAMs on the motherboard.

AMD pHenom II x4 965
725W Cooler master GPU
GTX 275 graphics card
Kingston 4gb RAM stick KVR1333D3N9/4G
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  1. Are the board and the CPU new or used?
  2. check for bent pins under the cpu and check that there nothing from the i\o shield or the cpu heat sink shorting out the mb.
  3. yes CPU is brand new, I will have to check on that later today when I assemble them again. I did see bent pins the other day but i fixed it by sliding a bank card.
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